How To Get The Most Points For Your Clothes

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Bringing in clothes and saving up points to buy more clothes is becoming a pretty fun cycle at Renew Fashions! We love seeing people scope out something new they love and then deciding to upcycle some of their clothing for it!

We want to help you maximize your points for the clothing that you bring in to us!

Here are some helpful things to remember when bringing your clothing donation into Renew Fashions.


1. Wash, Dry, Fold

The absolute best for your points total is when clothes come in freshly washed and folded nicely in a box or bag. Renew Fashions is unable to award points for unwashed clothing. Freshly laundered clothing contributes to the standards of cleanliness that is held to in store! It means you can come try on a "new to you" item with confidence that it hasn't been sitting in someone's dirty clothes bin before coming in. Fresh is best, not just for your food, but clothing too!


2. Trendy goes quick!

The highest point return for your donation is also going to be bringing clothes in before they've gone out of style. You might find that often you are done with a clothing item before it's out of style or the life is gone from it! This means a treasure hunter will be ready to scoop it up! We can sell trendy, clean clothes in great condition at a higher price than something out of style, which means more points for you!

3. No stains please!

We try to operate by the standard that if we wouldn't personally pass it on to someone, we won't put it in the store. That means that we cannot sell items that have cigarette odour or excessive pet hair.




4. The longer you save, the more you get!

Don't forget that we operate in a tiered points system! That means that the more you bring to us, the more points you will build up. For example:

25 points is $10 in store

50 points ins $25 in store

100 points is $60 in store

There are a lot more points to be had when you save them up!

So here's the quick version:

NO POINTS for unwashed clothing or items that have excessive pet hair or cigarette smoke odour.

EXTRA POINTS for trendy, great condition, washed and folded clothes!

Thanks so much for being a part of Renew Fashions. You are helping us provide a place of excellence for all people to shop regardless or their age, stage or social status. Whether you come for the new products like Grace & Lace, the "new to you", or simply to donate your clothing, you are what makes this thing WORK!




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